Meet Max Holloway’s Wife-to-be Fiancée, Alessa Quizon. Ex-wife Kaimana Pa’aluhi.


Max Holloway is a Samoan-born professional UFC fighter that previously held the Welterweight belt.

Over the past two years, Holloway has been on a tear despite only battling twice, not dropping a single fight. And given his career, Holloway has only lost 6 out of his 28 matches.

Though that may sound like many losses to a true winner like Holloway, it is not.

Like in the Pentagon, Holloway also has his fair share of ‘wins,’ and ‘losses’ in life; most strikingly of the latter is his divorce from his ex-wife, Kaimana Pa’aluhi.

The history of their failed marriage goes way back. Before becoming wife and husband and eventually divorcing, the two were ‘highschool sweethearts.’

UFC Martial Artist Max Holloway

American mixed martial artist, Max Holloway

Divorce of Max Holloway

Kaimana Pa’aluhi and Holloway tied the knot in 2012 and called it quits two years later. As of 2022, the reason behind their falling is still unknown.

Though they may have irreconcilable differences, their kids have always been their top priority. Going as far as co-parenting.

Following his career track, just like how he lost the belt and won 6 straight after, Holloway bounced back in life and love. Currently, Holloway is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Alessa Quizon.

Max Holloway’s Current Fiancée, Alessa Quizon

Let’s know more about the woman who got a soft spot within the fighter’s heart.

Born on January 2, 1994, in Hawaii, Alessa Quizon has always had waters as a big part of his life. Quizon is a professional surfer ranked 83rd in the World Surf League rankings.

Max Holloway with fiance

American mixed martial artist Max Holloway with fiance Alessa Quizon

Constituting her early life, She began surfing at the very young age of 7; just like most people who do sport, she fell in love with it.

And with time, she eventually got good at the sport and started participating in surf competitions in her hometown.

Fast forward to now, Quizon has surfing as her main job, primarily through competing internationally.

Just like Holloway, Quizon is also a winner, but with a surfboard in the waters. She boasts numerous surfing accolades in professional surfing

. Most notably, she placed 5th in the Rip Curls Women’s Bell Beach back in 2016.

Max Holloway is dating Alessa Quizon

So how did the two start?

According to sources, the engaged couple started seeing each other in early 2020. How they met remains unknown.

But from that day forward, the two would often be spotted in each other’s socials.

Seemingly his most significant current victory, Holloway took time to share with the world his engagement via an Instagram post.

The two got engaged in November 2020.

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