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Joe Harris is an elite marksman at the highest level of basketball. He plays in the  National Basketball Association for his current team, the Brooklyn Nets.

Most of Harris’ childhood was spent in Washington, where he played for the Mountain Goats. The team was coached by his Washington Interscholastic Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Famer Father Joseph Harris Sr.

Harris’s rise to the NBA ladder was believed to be attributed to the training he got from his dad. Because of this, he was quickly one of the best prospects entering college.

During his college years, he was part of the Virginia Cavaliers. With the team, he won the ACC tournament MVP award with 16 points per game in 46% shooting.

Straight out of college, Joe went to the NBA. He was picked by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014 and immediately played with NBA stars such as Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.

After two years with the team, he got traded and landed a career with the Brooklyn Nets. His debut with the team came in with a bang as he scored 16 points off the bench.

In October 2021, the basketball player surpassed his coach as the All-Time Three-point field goals made for the franchise. He also is the fourth-ranking player in the NBA for career three-point field goal percentage.

With the busy career of the basketball player, does he have a partner?

Check this out! Learn more about the information of basketball player Joe Harris and his wife and their relationship status.

Joe Harris is not Married to a Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Ina Browning

Image of Joe Harris

Joe Harris is an American professional basketball player. He plays for the Brooklyn Nets in the National Basketball Association.

Fans say that a three-point specialist in the NBA is a chick magnet. This is true with the likes of Stephen Curry and Trae Young.

But who is Joe Harris’ wife? As per current reports, the Brooklyn Nets star has no history with marriage.

But he is not single for now. Based on various sources, Joe is already seeing someone.

He is dating his long-time girlfriend, Ina Browning. The two enjoy more than five years of relationship with each other.

Fans are hoping that Joe and Ina will tie the knot soon.

Ina Browning’s Biography

Being one of the critical pieces in the Brooklyn Nets’ success in recent years, Joe has undoubtedly made a lot of bank in his career. With a net worth of two million dollars, who does he share his success with?

Ina Browning is Joe Harris’ wife. Although they are not yet married, the basketball player treats her as if she is already her lawfully wedded wife.

Joe Harris’ wife is a successful woman on her own. Based on different reports, she is the Vice President of SoftBank Investments.

In addition, Joe Harris’ wife also worked for McKinsey Group of Companies. Her social media accounts are set to private.

Because of this, news about her are very limited.

Joe Harris’ Past Relationships

Amid all the recognition and the fame that the athlete has received throughout his career, one question has always remained unanswered. And that is whether he had other lovers before meeting his current girlfriend.

He has yet to comment on this matter, and we will update the article as soon as it happens.

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