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Tavis Smiley is an American news presenter and host. He has been a prominent face in the American talk show industry.

Born on the 13th day of September in 1964, the host spent most of his childhood in Indiana, in Bunker Hill, to be specific. Smiley’s time at Indiana University Bloomington provided a lot of help to the broadcaster.

He met people who would help him enter the industry and improve his broadcasting skills at the university. His first work in the broadcasting industry was with the KGFJ radio company for his show The Smiley Report.

Because of his reports and commentaries on politics and world affairs, people loved him, especially the left-wing fans. He also gained prominence after being one of the frequent cast in the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

In 1996, Tavis started his hosting career. He hosted the BET Tonight show, which tackled issues about racism and black communities.

Many people admired his work there, but he became an opponent of some significant politicians of the time. Although he is revered as one of the most prominent black broadcasters, the host encountered controversies in recent years.

He was involved with a sexual misconduct case which made him lose his work in the PBS network. Tavis also lost a point where he paid more than two million dollars.

Due to his recent controversies, does the host still have a partner? 

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Is Tavis Smiley Married to Wife?

Image of Tavis Smiley

Tavis Smiley is a known American talk show host. Aside from being a host, he is also an author.

In recent years, the host has been one of the familiar faces in the broadcasting industry. He has gained a lot of haters, but fortunately, he also gained a lot of fans.

Because of his prominence, fans are curious about his personal life and who Tavis Smiley’s wife is. Based on different reports, the host has yet to be married.

It is also confirmed that he has no partner at the moment. But fans are hopeful that they will meet Tavis Smiley’s wife soon.

Tavis Smiley’s Controversies

In recent years, the host has made a lot of harsh comments on different topics. This inevitably made him the target of various controversies.

On the 13th day of December in 2017, the world was shocked after knowing that PBS had suspended the host. The broadcasting network said that the suspension was because of issues regarding the sexual misconduct of the host.

It was confirmed that Smiley was in a relationship with some of his coworkers and subordinates. Because of this, he was terminated by the company.

The host did not back down and proceeded to sue the broadcasting company. But he unfortunately failed and was ordered to pay more than two million dollars in damages.

Some say that because of his misconduct issues, there will never be a woman named Tavis Smiley’s wife.

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